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Chain Link Fence in Tuscaloosca AL

Durable and Affordable Chain Link Fencing Solutions for Your Property

Chain link fence is recognized as one of the most durable and economical fence materials. It’s also the most popular type of commercial and residential fencing. It is available in a standard galvanized finish or a vinyl color coated finish (Black, Brown, or Green).

Chain Link Fence in Tuscaloosca AL

At American Fence Company in Tuscaloosa, we manufacture all of our chain link material in-house, which allows us to supply you with the best quality product available on the market today.


Get A Chain Link Fence For Your Tuscaloosa Yard

Thinking of getting chain link fencing in Tuscaloosa? We are the leading fence contractors in the state because we provide quick and professional services. When you are considering a chain link or cyclone fence and you need a reliable fence installation contractor, we are the company that many people turn too.

Having a fence installed is a big decision because it changes things. It creates a separate space and it provides privacy and offers security. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that installing a fence is something they can do on their own. Throwing up a chain link fence or a cyclone fence may seem like a simple enough undertaking, but it is not. There is a lot of work goes into making sure your fence is installed correctly.

Most people that have made the attempt on their own are likely to strongly recommend that you hire a chain link fence contractor.

Understanding the process can help you to make your decision.

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Chain Link Fence Installation

As chain link fence contractors we know exactly how to take the proper measurements. We know exactly where the posts should be placed, what clips to use, where to pour the concrete for the posts and we know how many posts you will need.

It all starts with measuring the area that is to be fenced. This is typically the first mistake DIY people make. You have to be able to not only measure your space but then be able to translate the measurements into how much materials you will need.

Holes have to be dug for the posts, but first, you have to make sure that you are not hitting any underground electric cable or pipework.

Once you have all your holes dug (to very specific depths) then you have to fill them with concrete to ensure you are going to get a sturdy base. Once you have all the posts set then it is time to stretch out the chain link and start attaching it. Many DIY people have a lot of problems with this as well. If your posts are not the right height then everything is thrown off. If you stretch the chain link too tight then you have the risk of it not sitting right, too loose and it will start to sag. It can be a challenging process.

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Secure Chain Link Fencing & Gate Solutions

At American Fence, we prioritize the security and protection of your property or facility. We specialize in crafting high-caliber chain link fences and gates that stand the test of time. Our team utilizes only the finest steel posts, rails, and mesh to create top-notch chain link fencing systems.

Not only do our chain link fences and gates offer a secure and durable alternative to wrought iron, wood, and vinyl fencing options, they are also a cost-effective choice for those seeking reliable protection. Although wrought iron may boast a longer lifespan, our chain link solutions still provide exceptional security and durability, all while remaining budget-friendly.

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Advantages of American Fence Chain Link Fencing Solutions

Constructed from interlocking steel wires and galvanized to prevent rust and deterioration, chain link fencing is a versatile solution for various applications such as playgrounds, backyards, industrial areas, sports fields, airports, and more.

While chain link fencing is a popular choice globally, it might not be the ideal solution for everyone. If you require a privacy fence or a more sophisticated look, American Fence also offers installation services for wrought iron fences, security fences, electric gates, and more.

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Key Benefits of Chain Link Fencing from American Fence include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: A prime advantage of chain link fencing is its affordability. It delivers robustness and durability without breaking the bank, making it a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.
  • Effortless installation: Our expert team of fencing contractors can efficiently install chain link fencing, saving you time and inconvenience.
  • Low maintenance: Unlike some fencing options, chain link fencing demands minimal maintenance, remaining in excellent condition for years. Its galvanized metal resists rust, and it is impervious to pests like termites.
  • Protection and containment: Chain link fences effectively safeguard children and confine pets within your yard without obstructing the view beyond the property.
  • Customizable appearance: With a variety of styles available, you can select the chain link fence that best suits your preferences. Options include the classic silver steel color, color-coated fences, as well as different thicknesses and materials to match your requirements.



Q: How long does a chain link fence last?

A: A well-maintained chain link fence can last for 20-25 years, depending on factors such as climate, quality of materials, and level of use. Galvanized steel chain link fences are particularly durable, as they resist rust and deterioration.

Q: What maintenance is required for a chain link fence?

A: Chain link fences require minimal maintenance. Regularly checking for loose or damaged components and promptly addressing any issues will ensure the longevity of your fence. The galvanized metal used in our chain link fences is designed to resist rust and withstand various weather conditions.

Q: Is chain link fencing suitable for securing pets and children?

A: Yes, chain link fencing is effective for securing pets and children within your yard. It provides protection and containment without obstructing the view beyond your property.

Q: Can a chain link fence provide privacy?

A: While chain link fences do not offer inherent privacy, privacy slats can be added to the fence to enhance privacy. Alternatively, consider other fencing options, such as wood or vinyl, if privacy is a primary concern.

Q: Is it possible to add a gate to my chain link fence?

A: Absolutely! American Fence can install a variety of gate options, including walk-through gates, driveway gates, and even electric gates, to complement your chain link fence.


Chain Link Fence Creation

Chain link fences are made of several different components. Typically the chain link itself arrives in a roll and of course, there are posts and clamps to hold the chain link fencing on to the post. There are post caps to fit as well. Call us today so we can talk about it!

Call Us Today!

Are you ready to secure your property with a durable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance fencing solution? Look no further than American Fence’s chain link fencing options. Our team of experts is eager to help you customize the perfect fence to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Don’t wait any longer – contact American Fence today for a free, no-obligation quote and consultation. Enhance the security and appearance of your property with our top-notch chain link fencing solutions. Call us now at 205-379-7831 or fill out our online form, and let’s get started on your fencing project!

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