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Residential Gate Operators in Tuscaloosa AL

Get Expert Advice on Automatic Gates

If you are looking for access-controlled residential security gate systems, we can offer you different kinds of automatic residential gate systems and gate operators in Tuscaloosa. We also offer gate system design, build, and maintenance upon your request. These are available for your residential, commercial, multi-family, and industrial projects.

Residential Gate Operators in Tuscaloosa AL

Let our experienced sales staff and technicians serve you. Let them know what you like, and we’ll deliver it to you.

We are also offering other services like installation of pool fence, field fence construction, metal fencing and more. Call us today for more details on gate operator installation Tuscaloosa AL. See our customer testimonials or leave us a review.

Looking For A Residential Gate Operator?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of maintenance is involved?
    To avoid frequent maintenance, the best way is to invest in high quality starting products. It is not wise to choose the cheapest option because most of the time, lower quality materials lead to problems with driveway gates. Purchasing mid to high range equipment will make your maintenance look something like below:

    • Wash and Wax your gate once a year to prevent the paint from flaking off, and for your gates to look fresh and new.
    • Deal with Pests: A circuit board in short order can be destroyed by snails and slugs. They leave slime trails that become highly conductive even with the most minuscule amount of moisture. Spider webs with even the slightest bit of moisture can also conduct electricity and damage a gate’s circuit board. Bee’s nest and hills can rapidly corrode gate opener circuitry.
    • Lubricate all moving parts quarterly. We cannot stress enough – NEVER use WD-40 to lubricate the chains inside your gate mechanism – despite popular belief, WD-40 is for cleaning and not for lubricating. You can use white lithium grease instead.
  • Are there any safety features?
    Having at least two safety features installed with every automatic gate is the industry standard. The reverse function is the first safety feature. And now, to comply with the state or regional laws, automatic driveway gates must have a “photo beam” which is an infrared beam low to the ground. If the beam is interrupted, the gate must stop and reverse.
  • How long does a gate last before it needs to be replaced?
    The automatic driveway gate openers’ typical lifespan is about 10 years, with 1 to 2 small repairs needed in the interim.
  • How long will it take for you to install the gate operators?
    It generally takes 3 to 5 hours to install a driveway gate if the process runs smoothly. But this does not include off site fabrication time, or transportation. Larger projects take longer but most automatic driveway installations take an afternoon to finish.
  • What are my options for how the gate opens?
    Automatic driveway gates come in one of these 3 different configurations – sliding, swing and dual openers. What you need depends on the terrain around the area where the gate will be installed. You need to discuss this with your contractor at the time of your consultation.
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