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Pool Fencing in Tuscaloosa AL

Keep Your Family Safe with Our High-Quality Pool Fencing Solutions

Safety is a top priority for swimming pools in Tuscaloosa. Pool fencing can absolutely enhance the safety of any swimming pool and as a matter of fact, in many areas, pool fencing is mandatory because so many children are at risk with an unprotected pool.

Pool Fencing in Tuscaloosa AL

Pool fencing is the key to ensuring that your pool is a source of enjoyment, not a source of constant worry. More and more reported drownings in “at home” swimming pools are reported each year. Many municipalities have mandated that swimming pools have a fence around them to help to reduce the risk of accidental drowning. Even if your area does not require a pool fence, it is a really good idea to have one.

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Secure Your Safety By Installing Pool Fencing

Do you really need a governing body to tell you that you should have a pool fence? Of course not. You want to protect your children and the children of guests to your home from accidental drowning. No one wants a tragedy that can easily be prevented by having a pool fence.  Small children are fast and wander all the time.

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Taking every step that you need to, to keep your family safe, means having a pool fence.  If you don’t have one you need to install one to keep your children safe.

Pool fencing does not interrupt the use of your pool, as a matter of fact, it does not even have to interrupt the view of your pool. Pool fencing can actually increase the value of your home should you want to sell it.

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Choosing your Pool Fence

Choosing the right pool fencing is no easy task. There are many different types of pool fence options out there. We can help you to make the right choice. We can share the information with you that would help you make an educated decision. American Fence company offer a wide array of pool fence options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a pool fence installation take?
    The average installation process takes 4 hours, but timing depends on the fence length and your deck’s surface. During the day of installation, you do not need to be at home. Our team only needs access to the outdoor area where your fence will be installed.
  • Can you install a fence on an above ground pool?
    Yes, a fence can be installed around an above ground pool.
  • How long does an AllSteel pool fence last?
    Our fences will last for many years when properly maintained. Our aluminum pool fence pole has a strong baked-on, powder coated finish that will not rust. Our pool fences uses a mildew resistant polyester mesh fabric that does not shrink, stretch or fade. We also offer a limited warranty that will protect you against materials or installation defects as long as you are living in the home where the pool fence was installed.
  • Do holes have to be drilled into my pool deck to install pool fencing?
    Yes, it is important to drill 1 inch holes into your concrete, paver or other deck surface to secure the support poles. These holes will be located every 36 inches. We use a professional grade drill to make sure that the surrounding pool deck is not chipped or damaged, and then a plastic sleeve will be inserted in the hole.

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Contact Us

You want to keep your family safe and make sure your guests’ kids are safe when they come to visit. Contact us today so that we can discuss your options and our other services like metal fencing, field fence construction, fence installation and more. If you live in an area where pool fencing is mandatory we can help you to ensure that your property is kept up to code and that your fencing is the right type.

Let us help you keep your family safe with a great pool fence that will enhance the enjoyment of your pool.

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