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Fence Repair in Tuscaloosa AL

Restore the Beauty and Functionality of Your Fence with Our Professional Repair Services

Are you looking for dependable fence repairs in Tuscaloosa, Alabama? For over 60 years American Fence Company has been one of the most trusted fencing repair companies in Tuscaloosa, AL. We specialize in all types of fencing repairs such as wood, steel, wrought iron, chain link, vinyl, ornamental, temporary construction fencing, and electric gates. Call us today at (205) 719-8917 to talk to one of our professional fencing staff and receive a free estimate on your repair requirements

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We have been working with residential, commercial, and industrial property owners since 1957 and we deliver top quality craftsmanship promptly because we understand that a broken fence or gate can leave your home or businesses unprotected. American Fence Company will supply expert contractors to repair your fencing and return it to its original state, providing maximum security and peace of mind. When should you call for a fence repair? Below are some of the most common reasons property owners call American Fence Company for their repairs:

  • Storm or harsh weather conditions have caused damage to their fencing
  • The construction of the existing fencing is substandard
  • A vehicle impact has destroyed areas of fencing
  • Fence pickets have bent out of shape and are coming loose
  • A tree/ branch has fallen onto the fence
  • Fences are worn and rotting due to ageing

Fence Types and Repairs

Wooden Fence and Gate – Contrary to popular belief, wooden fences and gates are built to last for a long time. American Fence Company will ensure that your wooden fences and gates are repaired with only the highest quality materials, which can even surpass the original installation. Our skillful fence repair service involves the following steps:

  • To prolong the life of your fences, the posts are pressure treated and set 2ft deep in concrete.
  • We use three-rail pressure-treated pine framing for fence panels with 6ft wood privacy and four rails pressure-treated pine framing for 8ft wood privacy to guarantee the necessary fence panel support.
  • To lessen the possibility of sagging wooden gates we use cedar framing which is a lightweight material. We also use 6×6 pressure-treated pine posts for all our gates to reduce the chance of warping.

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Steel, Aluminum, and Ornamental Fence and Gate – Even if you choose steel, aluminum or ornamental fence and gate because of its durability, repairs such as replacement of bent rails or pickets, and welding work to latches and hinges on gates are inevitable. American Fence Company has experienced and skilled welders who can repair broken/damaged steel, aluminum, or iron materials professionally.

Chain Link Fence and GateChain link fences and gates are a popular choice for home and business owners because of their competitive price. American Fence Company guarantees affordable repair services together with high-quality results. Our chain link paint services prolong the life of the materials and improve aesthetic appeal while being cost-efficient.

Electric gate – American Fence Company offers a repair service for electric gates with two types of specialists: welders for damage to the materials (steel or iron) and electricians for the mechanisms. Our experts have repaired and improved numerous electric gates for residential and commercial properties in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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Dependable Fencing Company in Tuscaloosa, AL

For quick and efficient repair services for fences and gates, American Fence Company is your number one choice in Tuscaloosa, AL! Our experience, with more than 60 years in the business, together with the countless number of residential, commercial, and industrial properties we have restored, speaks for itself. Contact us today at (205) 719-8917 to discuss your fence or gate repairs and receive an accurate estimate from our professional fencing contractors.

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